New Pokémon, Items, Moves Revealed at 2022 World Championships

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The 2022 Pokémon World Championships held in London, UK concluded today, with new Pokémon World Champions crowned from all across the world. During the Closing Ceremonies, though, more information on Pokémon Scarlet & Violet was announced, including an all-new Pokémon as well as several new items!

New Pokémon—Cyclizar

Official artwork of Cyclizar

Cyclizar is a Dragon/Normal-type Pokémon that is classified as a “Mount Pokémon,” and many people throughout the Paldea region ride on its back to quickly travel around, as it can move at 70 mph while running with a human on its back. It has Shed Skin for its Ability.

New Items

Several new items were also shown off in today’s video presentation during the Closing Ceremonies, along with being featured on the official website’s page.

Mirror Herb

The Mirror Herb is a new held item that activates whenever an enemy Pokémon raises its stats and then copies that stat change, but consumes the Mirror Herb afterwards (making it a one-time use item). As shown in the screenshots above, it copies the massive Attack boost from Azumarill’s Belly Drum attack.

Covert Cloak

The Covert Cloak is a held item that prevents additional effects of the enemy’s moves from affecting it. As shown in the screenshots above, a Hariyama uses Fake Out, which would normally cause the target to flinch, but Cyclizar does not flinch and is able to use Dragon Claw on that turn.

Loaded Dice

The Loaded Dice is a held item that increases the average number of hits that multistrike moves such as Fury Attack or Bullet Seed hit. While the official site does not say that it guarantees 5 hits (like the Skill Link Ability does), the screenshots as well as the trailer show a Breloom hitting four times against a Blissey to score the knock out, and the official site does mention it will be more likely to hit more times. That still has good potential use on Pokémon with these multistrike moves as they have high damage potential.

New Moves

In addition to several new items, some new moves were shown today.

Shed Tail

Cyclizar has a new move, Shed Tail, which creates a Substitute and also switches to an ally Pokémon immediately afterwards, effectively combining the effects of Substitute and Baton Pass (though it is currently unclear if other stat changes are passed along like with Baton Pass). This still consumes HP as if Cyclizar was using Substitute, though.

Tera Blast

Tera Blast is a Normal-type TM move that becomes the same type as the Pokémon’s Tera Type when used by a Terastallized Pokémon, meaning the Flareon in the screenshots above is using a Fire-type move.

Better yet, Tera Blast’s damage is either Physical or Special, depending on whether its users Attack or Sp. Atk stat is higher—if the Pokémon’s Attack stat is higher, it’s Physical, while if its Sp. Atk is higher, it’s Special.

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