Major Update to the Marriland Pokémon Team Builder

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Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 1:34am
Posted by Marriland
Marriland Team Builder

A lot of work has gone into the Marriland website over the past several months, though most of it has been behind the scenes, working on a new engine that will eventually house the site’s Pokédex and other tools. One of the most popular and most useful features on the Marriland website is the Pokémon Team Builder, which can be used to help plan teams and check for party-wide weaknesses and resistances.

I’m pleased to announce that the Team Builder has received a MASSIVE update (v5.0.0) that should make it much easier to use. It also has added support for all of the officially-revealed Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield, so if there are any officially-revealed Pokémon you would like to include on a potential team, you can include them.

Although will not be covering any leaked information, for those of you that have looked into it and are ready to start planning your team, you can do so, as there is now a new Type Override option available, which unlocks the ability to give any Pokémon on your team a custom type combination. You can just add a Pokémon such as a Bidoof as a substitute, then give it the type of whichever Pokémon you’d like.

All of the new Pokémon available in Pokémon Sword & Shield will be added on or around November 14, 2019 (for most parts of the world), after the game has launched in Japan at midnight.

There are quite a few more helpful additions that have been added to the Team Builder:

  • Auto-suggest and auto-complete are available when typing up a Pokémon’s name. Variants are also available, so you hopefully won’t need to remember if you need to type “Sky Shaymin” or “Shaymin Sky”.
  • Pokémon that have abilities that affect weaknesses/resistances will allow you to toggle these abilities. This even includes things like Drought or Drizzle.
  • There are two good ways to search for alternate forms of Pokémon. In addition to just searching for the alternate form’s name, you can also search for the base form and select any of its alternate forms from a drop-down that appears.
  • Arceus and Silvally both allow you to choose which Plate or Memory you give them to affect their type.
  • The “Total Weak” and “Total Resist” columns now have fancy magic that should help it be more obvious where you have weaknesses and where your coverage is solid.
  • The ability to override types is available, which unlocks custom types for each Pokémon. This is optional, but is useful for those of you that may somehow need to check type coverage for Pokémon with atypical types.

If you have any feedback, questions, or bugs to report, feel free to reach out to the @Marriland Twitter.

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