Marriland IV Calculator Updated with Scarlet & Violet Support

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Posted by Marriland
Marriland IV Calculator banner showing inputs and outputs

After the recent launch of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, one page in particular was getting a lot of attention—the Marriland IV Calculator! Although it’s now easier than ever to ultimately get good IVs on your Pokémon, it’s also nice to see that so many people are interested in having a working IV Calculator for Scarlet & Violet, so I’ve gone ahead and updated the Marriland IV Calculator to offer preliminary support for Scarlet & Violet. Yay!

Potential Issues with the IV Calculator

The Scarlet & Violet IV Calculator is in a preliminary state, meaning there might be some potential issues with it. However, all of the base stat information has been input and should be correct, so as long as you choose the correct Pokémon or form, it should be fine. (Hey, at the very least, it’s better than not having the new Pokémon, haha…)

  • For Pokémon with multiple forms, you might need to use an exact name to find them or, for Pokémon that have cosmetic forms, you might need to use their base form. (The auto-suggest as you type should help you with that!)
  • It’s important to remember that all Pokémon in your party gain EXP in Scarlet & Violet, and, by extension, Effort Values. The IV Calculator will not be correct if you do not keep track of your Effort Values (EVs). This is the case with all games, but it is certainly an issue in Scarlet & Violet due to the forced sharing of experience.
  • This tool will work best if you use it on freshly-caught/hatched Pokémon and use Exp. Candies on them (turn off autosave and then save before using the Exp. Candies if you don’t want to “waste” them). They should not have gained any Exp., otherwise the tool will not be accurate (that’s how IV Calculators work).

If you find any issues with the IV Calculator, feel free to reach out to me on either Twitter or Facebook with as much information as you can provide and I’ll look into it. Otherwise, I hope that this is helpful to you, and big thanks to Matan Botansky for programming the IV Calculator in 2021. 🙂

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