New Gym Leader, Iono, Revealed in “Iono Zone” Video

Posted by Marriland
Yes, Iono is speaking in Japanese in this video

A new Gym Leader for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been revealed today in a rather different style of video. Her name is Iono and she’s a streamer and influencer that specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. She’s the Gym Leader of Levincia.

Not much else was revealed in the video, aside from clues of her partner Pokémon, which describe a Pokémon that feels squishy, that is “a li’l sluggish with an easygoin’ vibe,” and that has “two big ol’ bumps on its noggin” that are often mistaken for eyes. Its body also expands and contracts to generate electricity in its belly, plus, according to Iono, “IT’S SOOO CUTE,” although she may be just a bit biased in that statement.

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