The Marriland Forums Have Been Closed

Originally founded in 2003 and lasting all the way through 2015, the Marriland Forums have been around for quite a long time throughout the site’s history. At its peak, the Marriland Forums had over 6.5 million posts and over 100,000 members.

In 2015, during the splitting of the old and new Marriland website, the Marriland Forums as they were became the Azurilland Forums and continued on until 2018, when they were shut down. At that point, the offer was extended to the Azurilland Forums community for free hosting of their forums and branding the community once again as the Marriland Forums.

While the new Marriland Forums were to retain any of the legacy posts or members due to it having to be rebuilt from scratch, like the rest of the Marriland website, it still kept on as a community governed by its own rules and functions for the most part.

The decision was made in early 2021, though, to permanently shut down the Marriland Forums due to lack of activity, interest, and other factors. As such, the Marriland Forums are no longer available, after being put into a state of hibernation for several months throughout 2021.

If you came here looking for a certain post, I do apologize, but it is no longer here. I do encourage you to check out the rest of the Marriland website, though.

Thanks for (hopefully) understanding!

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